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Bezel Wire-Dead Soft

Bezel Wire-Dead Soft

Minimum order


Sheet-Dead Soft

Sheet-Dead Soft

  • Tired of having to perform calculations to know how much you are going to pay for a piece of gold sheet?
    • Had enough of minimum requirements for ordering gold sheets?
    • Did you ever give up on your gold sheet order because you needed just a narrow strip and not a whole sheet?
    • Did you loose precious gold dust when sawing a band out of your gold sheet?
    • Did you wish to receive your gold sheets pre-annealed to dead soft, half-hard or hard degrees?
    When ordering gold sheets supply with Pasternak Findings you will:
    • Know exactly how much you pay for any size of gold sheet (just fill in your desired dimensions and our system will immediately calculate the estimated price*)
    • Be able to order as narrow gold strips as you wish – NO MINIMUM QUANTITY
    • Gain in yield - we will cut out gold bands with NO ADDITIONAL COST (all you need to do is order your gold sheets in any desired widths)
    • Get your gold sheets, gold bands and/or gold strips in dead soft, half-hard or hard, pre-annealing degree at NO ADDITIONAL COST
    • Get the finest gold quality that stands the highest industry standards and passes severe quality checks at our gold refinery plant
    • Get variety of standard gold karats (9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 21K 22K & 24K) in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold (whenever karat level allows)

Have any other request/suggestion for your gold sheet metal supply? We are here for you! Just write us and let us know.

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MARKET PRICES AS OF 17.03.2024:   GOLD 2343| PLATINUM 984 | SILVER 28